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What do you need counsel on? Below are some of common subjects that our previous clients consulted us on:

  • Business Funding – some businesses didn’t receive funding because they either didn’t do their homework on what the funder is looking for, the funding they said they need is either ridiculously high or low based on their business model, or they didn’t represent their business vision and mandate adequately. In this session we will have a funding needs assessment to outline your capital requirements, business financing options, explore potential funders, and what it will take for you to get funded. This is a Get Funding Ready session.
  • Social Media – There’s money circulating online, specifically on social media platforms. Businesses that plug into these Rands are those who understand that social media is about Context, Permission Advertising and is a game of attention because as you’re trying to sell to your potential customers, someone is trying to get their attention with fake news, jokes, current affairs and ads. In this session we will discuss the winning basics of Social Media Marketing and Advertising, and how you can leverage on social media to build and grow your business/brand. How it really works for your line of business.
  • Business Model Innovation – Sustainable positive cash flow requires that you configure your business model in such a way that when one trusted client leaves or whilst waiting for a client to pay after 60 days, you have other revenue streams. In this session we will discuss how you can increase your revenue and maximize profits by reconfiguring your business model and through diversification.
  • New Markets and Business Ideas – Did you spot a business opportunity that you want to take on, and you want to be sure of its profitability before you jump, come let’s discuss it and beak it down to test its market and economic viability. OR do you want to add a new product or service line, or tap into a new customer segment (eg. From startups to corporate), or want to expand your operations? Come let’s see if that’s a good move, discuss how to keep your moves strategic and how to prepare your business for such moves.
  • Customer Intelligence – Sometimes we don’t close deals because we are selling to the wrong market or you don’t have much knowledge about your buyer. Customer profiling is key to getting Intel on what your customer really wants, how they think, and how you can best meet their needs. Come let’s give you market Intel.
  • Market Intelligence – Like it or not, your business is operating in an ever changing market environment. One moment the talk is about the 4th Industrial Revolution, the next whilst trying to learn 4.0 you hear about 5.0. In this session we will focus on the following: Your Industry Structure (to understand the players in your industry), Competition Analysis (what’s going on, and the intensity of the competition so that you understand what you’re dealing with, and can better position yourself), Trends and drivers of change, Future outlook (how the future of your industry looks like). Come get Intel.
  • Copywriting and Positioning – Perhaps the reason you never get leads or close sales is because you are not articulating your value proposition clearly…Your website, poster content; sales script (email/telephone) etc requires the right configuration of words, words that prompt your prospects to engage you. Let’s sit down and create content for your website (simple thing like introducing your company is very key -not so simple), advertising poster, telephone/email direct/cold sales script, and let’s see if you can’t close sales.
  • Business GAP Analysis – every business owner want their business to thrive whether in terms of market penetration, sales, operations etc. Most fail because they scale prematurely – their businesses are not ready. Come let’s benchmark your business; where it is now, where you want to get to, and what it will take to get there so that you can prepare yourself. And get to know what you need to Stop, Start and Continue doing to unlock the potential of your business.
  • Get Procurement Ready – Businesses that offer services or products and their business models involves acquiring contracts to be a service provider/supplier, oftentimes miss procurement opportunities because they think you just need to send your vague profile/proposal and then boom you get contracted. No, it is more than that. You need to understand Enterprise Supplier Development and Procurement Strategies that your potential clients use. To have your product on Shoprite’s shelves, you must meet certain criteria; to provide trucking(logistics) solutions to Samancor, you mus meet certain criteria. Come let us get you ready for procurement. This session will enable you as a potential supplier or service provider, and open doors of procurement opportunities for your business.
  • Client Acquisition and Retention – This is simple, come let’s discuss practical ways for you to start closing deals for your business. And how to increase sales by leveraging on the existing clientele.

Consultation fee: R550 for a maximum of 2 hrs. (Telephonic/Virtually)

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