Quick advice on funding

Quick advice on funding

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Quick advice on funding
  1. Funding is not available 365 days. There are funding cycles. Know when these institutions open for funding.
  2. Understand the requirements of funders and prepare yourself. Besides the paperwork required (business plans, compliance docs etc.), intangible things such as your market presence, getting the business model right.
  3. Do not leave things to last minute. You will miss out on funding opportunities, you’ll be scammed (because you’re desperate), and you’ll fall into corruption traps.
  4. I repeat, be prepared. The funding you’re looking for from NYDA 1000 others are looking for it. If you want to raise funds externally next year, start now by preparing all the required stuff. Be a fast mover. Or else otla ja llata.
  5. There is funding out there. Lack of info, commitment and clarity is standing in your way. Get your capital requirements right, the business right and show up. 

Don’t be the kind that’s knocking to raise funding to register a company without any effort from your side. Come on. Get your priorities right. Knock for funding that will exceedingly accelerate your progress, an enabler. 

Side note: sometimes you don’t get funded because they, funders, think you’re not serious. You’re just looking for security(read as pocket money)

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