Market Entry Strategy

Research says more than 90% of start-ups do not survive the first 3 years. Our company was established to keep businesses in business. We help entrepreneurs move from a state of having a Business Ideas to a state of Making Money from their Ideas.

We do this by helping you formulate your Go-to-Market Strategy. A Go-to-Market Strategy is a strategic plan on how you’ll

  1.  Position your business in the market – brand positioning and customer value proposition informed by the analysis of the market & industry you are entering
  2. Generate visibility (promote) of your business offering to get the attention of the ideal customer groups that will buy from you.
  3. Sell to the identified and segmented customer groups and navigate the sales process as a new player in the market.
  4. And the formulation of your Execution Strategy outlining your revenue, market reach, sales and clientele goals, and how you’ll achieve them.   

Service Outcomes: At the end of this service, you will  have intel about the current state of the market your business is in, you will be relieved and excited because you’ll know the profile of your ideal customer, know the value proposition you have for them an how you will reach them. This will be packaged in an integrated plan (document) that outlines the market insights and target market segmentation, your business model, brand positioning strategy, promotion strategy, sales strategy and a tactical sales & marketing plan that outlines your first year’s goals and action plan. Remember, being known in the market and achieving a turnover of R1 Mil don’t just happen, intentional planning & execution is required, hence we make it compulsory for our clients to have an execution strategy.

If you want to start making money from your idea, contact us 081 414 0017 (also on WhatsApp)

Additional Helpful Tools

Decoding Entrepreneurship eBook @ R100

You have a business idea, now what?

This ebook is a guide that will help you to move from a state of having a business idea to a state of making money from that idea. It will help you determine the viability of your business idea, build a business model, give you pointers on how to finance your business, strategy to use to enter the market and get your first customer. To get at only R100, send whatsApp text to 081 414 0017 or email

Press Play below to listen to Kgadi on Strategy tackling what to do if you have a business idea.

If you want to start making money from your idea, contact us 081 414 0017 (also on WhatsApp)