We are in the business of keeping you in business!

We exist to ensure that you don’t become part of business failure stats.

Kgadi Mmanakana, Founder, KM – Consulting and Development Services

Since 2016 we’ve been working fulltime with entrepreneurs and startup business owners to help them;

  • Assess the viability of their business ideas and pivot if necessary,
  • Build business models and go-to-market strategies for their ideas,
  • Build operating plans for their ventures,
  • Get funding ready and acquire funding,
  • Get Growth Ready and unlock their business growth and profitability.

Type of Clients we’ve worked with:

  • Those transitioning from corporate to self-employment/entrepreneurship
  • Freelancers transitioning full-time into business
  • Entrepreneurs with ideas and looking for assistance building business cases and operating plans.
  • Inventors looking for working business models for their inventions
  • Investor-preneurs having savings and looking for advice and inputs on markets they can venture into
  • Those looking to monetize their talents and skills
  • Business owners looking for ways to access markets, funding and enable growth and profitability.

Some of industry/sectors We worked in:

Digital Media and Production, Professional Services and Consulting, Engineering, Logistics and Transport, Industrial and Manufacturing, Food and Beverages, Education and Training, Hospitality and Tourism, Agriculture and Farming, Fashion and Beauty, Nonprofit and Social Entrepreneurship, Facility Management and Construction, Property and Real Estate, Retail and Service.

Countries and States we’ve served:

South Africa (all provinces), Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cameroon, Botswana and The Philippines. And through our entrepreneurship development podcast ( Kgadi on Strategy ) we have footprint also in USA, UK, India and Germany.

To access some of our clients and projects we worked on, click here

How can we assist you?


This is how we can help you MOVE FROM A STATE OF HAVING A BUSINESS IDEA TO A STATE OF MAKING MONEY FROM THAT IDEA. Whether you have R400 or a couple of thousand Rands, we got you covered!

(1) Do it Yourself Guides

(2) Get Market Ready Package

(3) Business Plan Development

Unlock your business growth

To be known in the market, to get clients and to have a turnover of R1mil, don’t just happen- it requires intentional planning and execution.

Here’s how we can help you unlock your business growth

(1) Business Profile

A distinctive Business profile is key to receiving RFP, RFQs and securing contracts and clients.

(2) Business Proposal Writing

Sometimes to unlock growth of your business means securing a contract to be a service provider or supplier , building strategic partnerships, acquiring funding etc. What kind of proposal should you be packaging now to get access to markets and grow your business?

(3) Business GAP Analysis

Surely you have some sort of vision for your business and goals you want to achieve. Be it to achieve a R40k monthly turnover or expand your operations. So, what we want to help you with is benchmark where your business is currently at and where you want to be, then map out how to practically get there – achieve the results. Below is what the service will entail:

  • Business Analysis
  • Financial Management System development
  • Prospecting Strategy formulation
  • Pricing and Revenue Model review
  • Performance Targets and Action Plan

(4) Get Funding Ready

Injecting cash into your business, be it from external sources or from your savings or business returns, is key to unlocking business growth. In case of using external sources such as loans and grants, you need to get your business ready for funding. And having worked with funding acquisition and proposal writing space for over 5 years full-time, we are positive to announce that there’s funding out there, and those that access it are those who are ready. So, we want to help you get funding by getting you ready for it! Find out more here

(5) Business Plan Development

The purpose of a business plan is to map out your approach to business. It provides a manual of how things are or will be done in your business, and this makes it easy for someone to lead your business in your absence. It helps you avoid being sick in bed with your business because it is all in your head.

Running business from your head could be the reason why your business is not growing and reaching its full potential. Get it on paper, let us help you map out your business plan.

(6) Business Mentorship

Let our principal consultant, Kgadi Mmanakana, a business strategist with first-hand experience in business development and a combined 10 years of diversified experience with 7 years in consulting and helping others build businesses and social enterprises, be your dedicated business mentor.

(7) Get a one-on-one with a Strategy Advisor

Whether it is about brainstorming your business idea, how to get funding, how to get clients or grow your business, book a consultation with our principal strategy advisor, Kgadi Mmanakana, for objective and results driven business advice. Get a maximum of 2 hrs of telephonic session @ R550, and you’ll receive recap session notes after the session.