Get a Contract

Why you need a Persuasive Business Proposal – How to write one that  convince | Techno FAQ

Luck is when an opportunity meets the prepared – you are never awarded a contract because you do things at last minute. We give you an opportunity to prepare yourself to grab the next contracting opportunity.

How We Will Help You

  • Assess the capacity of your business and brainstorm the clients you can get NOW.
  • Develop a comprehensive proposal that is packaged to solve a specific problem your identified client is currently facing. The proposal outlines everything from problem statements, proposed solution, to why they should choose you.
  • Formulate an editable Pitch Deck for you to use when approaching various potential clients to propose various solutions to them.

This is for: Businesses that offer services and want to secure contracts. Businesses in production or distribution and want to secure a contract to be a supplier.

Let’s work on the first step towards getting your business a contract/tender. Contact us 081 414 0017 (Also on WhatsApp) or email