For NPOs

Nonprofit Financial and Legal Structures in the United States and South  Africa – Overlooked News

In the nonprofit market the competition is high, the in-kind funds are getting depleted quickly and there’s donor fatigue. So, to really access the funds for your social good project, you need to start thinking like a business.

The combo is coming from an angle of attempting to shift of NPOs, to start thinking like businesses:

  • Comprehensive Organizational Profile [to articulate your WHY story in depth, clearly paint your vision and objectives and your HOW, as well as WHAT you need and why you should get support and not that organization next to you. (This will also serve as your funding proposal)
  • Organizational Operating Plan to map out the plans for your organization on how you are going to set yourself apart, get the buy-in of your beneficiaries and stakeholders, recruit volunteers, fund your organization, and your strategic long-term vision.

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