Execute Your Idea

So, you have a business idea. Now What?

Let us help you move you from a state of having a business idea to a state of making money from that idea.

Whether your budget is R400 or a couple thousand Rands…

(1) DIY Idea Execution Pack

Get out Do It Yourself Idea Execution pack to help you (i) Develop your business idea, (ii) Map out your business plan, (iii) Map out your tactical marketing strategy and (iv) Develop your Business Skills. Get this offer at only R400.

(2) Launching Strategy Pack

Get a Launching Strategy Pack to not only help you develop your business Idea, but also position you to close your first sale. With this option we will work with you to (i) Develop your business model, (ii) Package your business profile and (iii) Formulate a tactical Sales and Marketing Strategy for your business. Get this offer @ R2500

(3) Business Plan Development

The purpose of a business plan is to map out your approach to business. It provides a manual of how things are or will be done in your business, and this makes it easy for someone to lead your business in your absence. As you start your business is key that you map out, on paper (or well on your digital gadget), how you will approach operations in your business – from what your long – term direction is, your performance targets, industry and market insights to how you will attract and acquire clients. In that, that’s what a business plan is. The reason why funders tend to require a business plan is because it details the plans you have for your business and then they can assess if their funds will be worth it. You need a business plan – not for funders, but for you as a business leader. You need a working plan of how you will position yourself in the market, get clients and grow. Being known in the market, getting clients and having a turnover of R1mil don’t just happen – it requires a PLAN and intentional EXECUTION. Let us help you transcribe your business vision comprehensively at R4200.