Business Plan Development

The purpose of a business plan is to map out your approach to business. It provides a manual of how things are or will be done in your business, and this makes it easy for someone to lead your business in your absence.

Having a Business Plan helps you avoid being sick in bed with your business because it is all in your head.

Have it on paper

We help our clients package a comprehensive version of their business plans that encompasses:

  • Market & Industry Insights to ensure that you always keep in mind the market changes and the mega trends.
  • Competition, SWOT & Risk Analysis to ensure that you’re up to date with market threats and opportunities
  • Business Model to outline how you fit in the business
  • Target Market Segmentation to divide your customer groups based on their needs and preferences to enable you reach them and satisfy their needs effectively
  • Corporate Strategy to outline your business’s major goals, performance targets, scope of work, guiding principles, keys to success and strategic initiatives.
  • Brand Positioning Strategy to keep you grounded about what you stand for and why you are in business.
  • Promotion Strategy to outline how your business and its offering will be promoted.
  • Sales Strategy to outline the tactics you will use to sell your products & services, secure contracts and improve profits.
  • HR Strategy to outline your organizational structure, personnel requirements and compensation plans.
  • Operations Strategy to outline your resource, capacity, systems & processes requirements key to enabling efficiency in your business.
  • Financial Strategy to outline your revenue models, financial management plan, Financial needs, assets acquisition and investment options.

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Additional Helpful Tools

Business Plan Guide (eBook) R100

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