New Venture Creation and Idea Viability Testing

  • This is a service that will save you from the costly mistake that most entrepreneurs make of launching half-baked and often unviable business ideas.

The service is divided into 3 stages:

  1. We use design thinking (business model canvas) to help you test the profitability of the business idea you have.
  2. Business concept remodelling or pivoting (should the idea you have not be viable after assessment, you have two options; 1.To remodel it and innovate its existing business model or 2. drop it.
  3. Business operating plan development. (A business plan that outlines in detail key aspects key to the running of your business such as detailed marketing plan, market offering, business model, Competition and Risk Analysis, personnel requirements and HR strategy, Production and operating requirements, Capital requirement and financing plan, sales strategy for the first year.)

Business Performance Improvement Strategy

  • A business is in business to make profit. If you feel that your business is not performing to its maximum potential, then it needs to be diagnosed on what’s holding it back and a plan on how to elevate it is needed. With this service we will help you in:
  1. Analysing and diagnosing your business shortcomings.
  2. Analysing whether your business is fit-for-growth using our F4G Analysis tool. And recommend solutions to fix the loopholes in your business stopping it from growing.
  3. Developing a business improvement strategy to set goals using the Balanced Scorecard tools and an implementation plan.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Branding, Marketing and Sales are important, which is why our sales and marketing strategy development service is focused on those 3.

Our service is divided into 3 parts:

  1. We clarify what you’re selling, to whom, why and why they should care; the most efficient way to communicate and sell to them.
  2. Clarify and package your branding, marketing and sales SMART goals. And integrate that into a 12 months sales and strategy.
  3. We become your accountability partner for the journey to ensure that you achieve your set goals

Business Proposal Development

  • We offer a variety of proposals to help you build mutually beneficially relationships that will get you the support you need:
  1. Supplier-Customer Relations – This is the proposal you use to get a contract to be a supplier or service provider for a specific company.
  2. Funding Proposal – In need of startup or growth finance? We can help you with a comprehensive business plan to help you secure funding.
  3. Strategic Alliance – Want to propose a business partnership? (Eg. Joint Venture, get subcontracted, ) we can help you in putting together a proposal to get that company/person on board.
  4. Sponsorship – Looking for a corporate sponsor to sponsor your project? We can put together a co-creation proposal that won’t potential sponsors away but rather get them on board with a shared value focused proposal

Company Profile Development

  • If there’s something we win at, is content marketing. A company profile is your company CV, and as such, it has to market you well whether to potential clients considering to have as supplier or a customer browsing your products. The trick is in the detail. If you cannot sell yourself in your profile, what are the chances of your proposal being given time? Let us compile a distinctive comprehensive company profile