Get Business Advice

It is one thing to attend business seminars, it is another to sit down one-on-one with a Business Development Strategist that understands business dynamics and has business management experience, to discuss specific business issues and receive an objective and specific advice that will solve the challenge you are facing and manage future risks.

Impact Business Advisory Session

This is an in depth, objective and insightful 2-hour business advisory session offered to business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and business executives on specific subjects. It is meant to provide specific advice and recommendations on specific issues the client is facing.

We have 3 categories you can consult on:

Business Growth

This category is focused on providing guidance to you by answering the 2 questions:

 Where are you now?

Where do you want to go?

Then we will work out what you will need to do to get there. It starts with business analysis, followed by defining the direction you want to take/goals you want to achieve, then resource analysis.

ABCs of Business

This category is meant to guide business owners [especially new business owners] on  the basics of business management that they need to get clear and work on. They include Financial Management, Compliance, Systems, HR, Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Branding and Leadership.

Digital Transformation

This category is meant to  provide you with insights on business digitization and how you can align your business with the 4th Industrial Revolution.

 You can opt for on-the-surface consultation which will introduce you to the 4th Industrial Revolution, how it is affecting your business and industry, and how you can align yourselves with it.

 OR an in-depth consultation which includes the formulation of a digital transformation strategy for your business [we help you take action and integrate products of the 4th Industrial Revolution in your business.]