We have various business mentorship programs based on your needs.

Startup Business Mentorship

Let us help you launch and put you to a point where you’re flourishing

This is a mentorship program that helps entrepreneurs understand how they’re going to create value for their customers (Value proposition development), how they’re going to deliver value to their customers (distribution channels), and how they’re going to capture value in the process (revenue streams and generating activities). At the end of the program entrepreneurs will have a clear business model and understand the resources and support they’ll need to launch their businesses. This will be outlined on their customized business model canvas. In addition to that, a 12 month sales strategy will be developed to set the tone for them to start making money in their business.

Business Growth Mentorship

Let’s go to the top. More sales and impact.

This is a 12 month business accelerator program for business owners who are aiming to grow their businesses either geographically, entering new markets, or scaling the existing services or products. We will test the readiness of their businesses for growth, get them fit-for-growth then develop a growth strategy. We will walk 12 month journey with them to ensure that they achieve their results.