The case studies range from aspiring business owners looking to start a business and don’t know where to start, business owners seeking business diagnostics services, inventors looking for business models, business leaders looking for a sounding board, startup owners looking for a bankable business plan to apply for funding, business leaders seeking helpnin assessing their businesses if they’re ready for growth, business leaders looking for growth strategies, to business leaders looking for help developing/reviewing business proposals.

The most recent cases include:

What makes us happy is making your dreams come true.

  • an automotive company, mobile spa and pharmacy who we assisted in developing bankable business plans to secure funding,
  • peanut butter manufacturer in need of a comprehensive company profile packaging to use to secure contracts,
  • An HR consulting company in need of an independent review of their service packages and company profile
  • A Zimbabwe based clothing and accessories manufacturer in need of marketing strategy
  • Real estate company in need of a proposal to secure land from the local authority
  • events company looking for a turnaround Strategy,
  • Cameroon based company in need of a strategy to navigate through current social crisis in their country which directly impacts their business operations, company looking for a strategy to attract and retain paying clients,
  • a startup in need of an operating model
  • an events company that sought a corporate sponsorship proposal development.