About us

Who we are and what we do

KM – Consulting and Development Services (Pty)Ltd  is a strategy consulting company established in 2016 on the ethos to keep businesses in business by providing easy-to-understand and practical business planning and performance improvement strategies to entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them to setup and  launch profitable and scalable businesses and improve their performance, and occupy competitive position in their markets. The company houses KM – Consulting, KM – Research Hub and KM – Institute, divisions that work together to provide a multifaceted approach to ensure that businesses are kept in business.

Why we exist

We were established to keep businesses in business by being the solution to the high business failure rate.

How we achieve our purpose

  • We help entrepreneurs test the viability of their ideas, remodel/pivot, and derive profitable business models.
  • We help organizations to improve their performance through analysis of their existing problems and development of plans for improvement.
  • We help organizations answer the two questions: “Where do we want to go?” and “What do we need to get there?”

Our Business Philosophy

  • There’s some truth to every business idea, don’t be quick to throw it away.
  • Bring passion and your A-Game to clients’ table.
  • We win when the client wins.

Company Vision Statement

To be a thought leading consulting company in strategy renowned for launching successful businesses and turning around businesses that were on the brink of failure.

Company Mission Statement

As an organization, our mission is to help businesses stay in business by using new venture creation tools, design thinking, business and market analysis principles and frameworks to help entrepreneurs and SME owners setup and launch profitable and scalable business ventures, and grow their existing businesses through profit maximization, diversification, new markets penetration, business and revenue model innovation, market intelligence and new technology.

The company will pioneer new approaches and improve on existing ones to build and grow businesses. All our 3 divisions (Consulting, Institute and R&D) will work together to fulfill the company’s purpose.

Approaches and Methodologies we use

  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategy Wheel
  • The 4Ws & H of a business
  • BO Strategy
  • Managerial Grid

Briefly About Our Founder

Our Founder – Kgadi Mmanakana

Kgadi is a results and impact driven Business Strategy Consultant and Advisor with a combined 6 years of experience overseeing operations, projects and providing business advisory services; 3 years in the social entrepreneurship and nonprofit sector followed by another 3 years of self-employment in the strategy consulting space.  She has outstanding exploratory and descriptive research skills, problem solving and analysis skills, content marketing and facilitation skills which have been instrumental in delivering impactful results for clients and for KM – Consulting and Development Services. She is a business development strategist with incomparable entrepreneurial flair and competence.

Her Knowledge & Experience

  • Understand business digitization [Industry 4.0] and familiar with its application regarding digital transformation in businesses.
  • Experience working with clients from varied industries/sectors; amongst others include Telecommunications, Food, Manufacturing, Chemical, Health, Digital Media, Aesthetics, Real Estate, Professional Services, Education, Engineering.
  • Working in a consultative role to provide value-adding and objective insights in the form of analysis, interpretation and advice.
  • Mentoring new business owners in basic business functions such as marketing, sales, operations and compliance.
  • Acquiring funds and sponsorship for organizations through development of proposals and business plans.

Her competitive edge as a business development strategist lies at the interception of 3 things(In her own words]:

  • Research & Development – Being on top of my game and being up to date with what’s happening in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the market is very important to me and it is what makes me to be resourceful to my clients and prepare them for the changes that are happening and still coming in their industries. I invest a lot in R&D and also publish insights through daily blogging to equip our clients and prospects with key practical insights that are of value to their business success.
  • My business belief and principle – my approach to business is this “bring your A-Game and passion to client’s table” and that “there’s some truth to every business idea, don’t be too quick to throw it away”. This is what saw first contact with prospects looking for value-adding insights regarding their business concepts evolving into long-term mentorship or repeat business. Because when I sit down with clients; I command all the knowledge I acquire daily from educational resources and previous business cases, and my business model innovation skills to breakdown the case the client bring to the table, and that leads to the client tapping into areas [flaws and economic opportunities] that their idea embody.
  • Purpose and Problem Solving – When I first ventured into entrepreneurship in 2014, the underlying reason was to do good, solve problems and make measurable impact. When I pursued engineering studies my goal was to end up in the R&D unit to focus on forensic engineering and quality management. In 2016 when I founded KM – Consulting and Development Services, the goal was to bridge the gap between the increased demand for entrepreneurial ventures and number of businesses registered every year, and the high business failure rate – the goal was to provide solutions that will keep businesses [SMEs] in business. Since it is out there that startups don’t survive the first 3 years, I wanted to build a venture that will provide solutions to make startups succeed. So, strategy consulting is affording me an opportunity to solve real problems and make measurable impact.