Launch Your Business

This is where you need to start if you want to build a sustainable and scalable business:

  • Business/project feasibility Study – Before you commit resources to your idea, let’s prove its market and economic viability first. This service involves business model innovation and remodelling business ideas to showcase the success probability of your business concept before you launch. It is imperative that before you launch, you’ve tested your business idea to be profitable and worth to be invested in. You can use these results to secure funding for your business or project.
  • Business Model Development – we will help you develop a a simple and logical plan on how your business will solve a specific problem for its customer, how you will sell to them, resources and activities that will bring money into your business and costs to be incurred. In essence, you will see your business operating before it even operates. You can also this output document to pitch for funding.
  • Company Profile writing – How you package your customer value proposition, your capabilities and strategy is the make or break when it comes to securing contracts and acquiring customers. We are experts in copy writing and content marketing.
  • Business operating plan – you probably heard about a business plan thousand times, well an operating plan is a business plan that you use internally to serve as your roadmap. You shouldn’t run your business from your head, what happens when you’re too sick to retrieve information, you need that information about how your business run on paper. Let us package it for you.

Execute Your Business

Now that you have setup your business foundation, it is time to execute. There can never be any results if you don’t take action.

With this part of our service offering we will help you with:

  • Business Strategy Development  – You need to have direction for your business and goals you would like to achieve in the next 12 months or more. Having this strategic plan helps you to be focused and be able to measure how good or bad your business is doing. We will focus on your Financial, Operational, Marketing and Sales goals.
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy – From your master plan ( business strategy) we will expand on your branding, marketing and sales goals, devise an execution and monitoring plan.


Grow Your Business

On this section of our service offering we will help you in devising and implementing strategic solutions to:

  • Grow your revenue
  • Strengthen your business profitability
  • Build foundations for scalability and sustainability
  • Deal with hostile/competitive market environment
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Expand your business

What do you want to achieve from the abovementioned?



The Buzzword: 4th Industrial Revolution

You want to know how the 4th Industrial Revolution wave is affecting/bound to affect your business and industry, so that you can prepare yourself?

Book yourself a 4IR R&D Consultation so that we can conduct research for you on what’s popping in your industry and what this wave of digitizing businesses mean for you and your business.

From on-the-surface insights of what the 4th Industrial Revolution is all about, how it is affecting your industry, and opportunities that come with it, to an in-depth analysis of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Mega trends, How your industry and business are affected, and how you can leverage and respond to this wave through a development of a digital transformation strategy.


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